About Us

If you’re looking for glitz, pizzazz, shiny happy people with perfect teeth and kids who never muck up then you might have to go somewhere else…

However if you’re looking to be part of a pretty earthy bunch of people who are just doing their best at loving God, loving one another and loving the community around them then you’ll probably slot right in.

Read on to find out more about our affiliation, beliefs and culture.


Affiliation – we are a part of the Baptist Churches of Western Australia. YCC was started by a team from Quinns Baptist Church most of whom live in Yanchep and wanted to create a local Christian community. We are excited about serving the local community in this way.

In the early days YCC will operate under the leadership of QBC and will share pastors with the ‘mother church’, but over time as YCC gets self sustaining and independent then this relationship will change. If you think of it like a parent – child relationship, the child will be cared for and looked after until it is able to self sufficient.




Beliefs – we believe all the usual stuff you’d expect for a Baptist church – no big surprises here.

That said, on debatable issues we are happy for people to hold differing points of view. So if you’re an ardent creationist then you will find yourself sitting alongside some folks who hold an ‘old earth’ view. If you’re a King James fan then expect to hear from all translations of the Bible. If you like rugby league then expect to be in a community with AFL lovers…

You get the idea.

We like it this way and we encourage people to think about faith and respect each other’s different points of views. We won’t tell you how to vote and we won’t tell you what to think – but we will encourage you to think.


The Vibe – I guess you could call this our ‘culture’ or ‘values’. We don’t have a written list of vision, mission and values, so this is more of a description of the kind of people we aspire to be.

Most of what matters to us are things like authenticity, simplicity and integrity – a simple expression of church, big on relationships and seeking to help everyone find their way to a genuine relationship with Jesus.

So we hope to be a place where those with a strong faith can be challenged and inspired to ‘go hard’ and live passionate lives of discipleship to Jesus. We also want to be a community where the curious are welcomed and where those new to faith can find their way and experience the best of what it means to know Jesus. And for those who have had bad experiences of church, faith, clergy, religion or the like and are downright cynical then we’d welcome you too and hope that we can be a safe place to find your way again.

If that sounds like a community you’d like to be a part of then come along and join in.

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