Local Truths

Local Truths

As we kick off Yanchep Community Church we are going to be ‘starting local’ with our teaching. Over the first 8-9 weeks we will be sharing some hopes for who we want to be and we will be earthing biblical truth in familiar local icons and identities.

When Jesus was teaching and wanted to help people understand a spiritual truth or idea he would always use something immediate and relatable to make his point.

So over the coming weeks expect to hear these stories:

Aug 5th – When Paradise Isn’t Enough – because we tend to see our little patch of the world as simply that – but as someone once said ‘there is more to life than everything’.

Aug 12th – Beyond The Reef – exploring the dangerous places of faith – because following Jesus was never intended to be safe.

Aug 19th – Saving Lives – our surf club is possibly our most loved local community group, Our purposes aren’t that different. This week we will dig into how the surf club is a wonderful metaphor for the church.

Aug 26th – Koalas Welcome – did you know the Yanchep area is not a koalas natural habitat, but they live there. They are ‘outsider’s but they are welcome and they thrive. Jesus always welcomed ‘outsiders’ and they thrived in his presence.



Sep 2nd – Choose Fred’s Every Time – when you need some hardware stuff you can go the big green shed and buy it there or you can go to Fred’s. I’ll tell you why a healthy church is more like Fred’s than Bunnings.

Sep 9th – The Yanchep Bell – did you know we have a flower indigenous to Yanchep that keeps flowering no matter how tough the weather gets. Another great picture of the people we hope to be.

Sep 16th РLocals Рwhen you really become part of a community you feel the joy that goes with that. While we have no intention of being an exclusive mob, we do want people to experience the connectedness and warmth that goes with knowing others and being known.

Sep 23rd – A Stake in the Reef – we sometimes speak of putting a stake in the ground as a marker of commitment and intent. As people who follow Jesus there is a time to do that and the old cray boat mooring in the lagoon is a wonderful icon of rugged strength and endurance.


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