Yanchep Community Church

Local believers, meeting & changing lives.


We are community church of local believers who gather together in Yanchep, West Australia.

Our church is made up of people from all backgrounds. That means you'll have to get comfortable with a whole range of ideas and personalities. We really believe in the 'community of local believers' and try our best to be a true community church. If you drop in to meet us be prepared to find Christians who are Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, Uniting, Reformed and so on. You'll meet seasoned believers, those finding faith and those yet to discover Jesus, all in one place. 

We are associated with the Baptist Churches of WA & we are in partnership with Quinns Baptist Church (Quinns Rocks)


We meet on Sundays at 4.30pm in the Yanchep Beach Primary School (entrance on Beachside Parade Yanchep).

Our gatherings have a few styles. We worship with music, we share meals and hold discussions.

These meeting styles reflect the needs of a growing church that wants to develop strong relationships and be open to guests. If you decide to roll in on a Sunday you may be greeted by a meal (don’t worry we provide everything) a round the table chat or a worship/music service. We update the community on what we are up to weekly via our Facebook page. If you are thinking of visiting you can check with the link above and see what is on the coming week.

Love to have you with us!


We are simply put, a bunch of local believers who want to see God change our area in some wonderful way. 

We keep things simple and light at our gatherings, that way everyone can participate and we avoid wearing people out. Our leaders (pastors) work part time, holding down other jobs. What we accomplish comes from good will and good people. 

We have a variety of other expressions (aside Sunday meetings) that meet different needs. These include; learning (discipleship) groups, home groups, community food relief (Food4All), youth groups and more.

If you decide to throw your lot in with us there will be plenty of opportunity to both grow and express your faith.