We value working with other like minded organsiations and people. Below are links to our partners. 

Quinns Baptist Church

The saying 'work smarter not harder' underpins our relationship with Quinns Baptist Church. In 2018 Quinns Baptist Church invested into Yanchep by commisioning, financing and setting apart QBC team members who were Yanchep locals to start a new church in the area. Here we are years later and thriving. 

By remaining linked with Quinns Baptist Church at a leadership & organisational level we can pool resources and cut down on duplication (at both churches).  

If you live in the Quinns area go and check out our parent church. They are a lot like us! 

Widhya Asih

For nearly ten years QBC & YCC have supported the work of Widhya Asih in Bali, Indonesia. 

As a community church we are devoted to helping the local Australian people and we do so every week through our Food4All program and other initiatives. However as Christians we understand the God's tranformative love calls us to support the disadvanted right accross the globe. 

Bali is the leading destination for tourists from West Australia and as such we feel strongly that supporting a people who provide joy to thousands of Australian tourists each day is the right things to do. 

Few Australains know just how great the challenges of the Balinese people are. The Widhya Asih (Knowledge & Love) foundation have been operating in Bali since 1975 to alleviate and break the cycle of poverty among Balinese people. 

We are proud to be a sponsor and supporter of the Widhya Asih foundation. 

QBCC inc.

A not-for-profit association, Quinns Baptist Community Care Inc. (QBCC Inc.) Was created by Quinns Baptist Church to pave the way for community projects.

Quinns Baptist Community Care runs 'Quinns Kids' an out of school hours care service in Quinns rocks. As a not-for-profit organisation QBCC Inc. returns profits to the community by providing services like Food4All, craft groups, youth programs and more. 

Quinns Baptist Community Care Inc. has the goal of  providing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical support to families of the Quinns Baptist College and the wider community.